Wednesday, May 4, 2011

memek indah

After overnight stay in Venice a quiet hotel, we had to get up

early to catch a flight to Paris. Using low-cost airline

Easyjet from Venice Marco Polo airport heading to Paris

Charles de Gaulle airport.

To the airport from the hotel or from the station St. Lucia,

we just walk about 5 minutes to the bus terminal first. From

this it can select a city bus or a special shuttle bus to the

airport. We recommend that you select a direct airport shuttle

because it is faster. You can see the schedule on the website

ATVO, while for the purchase of tickets can be directly at the

terminal. The distance from the terminal to the airport about

20-40 minutes depending on traffic.

Venice has two airports: Venice Marco Polo and Venice Treviso.

So note the name of the Airport when booking your flight.

Marco Polo is located near far enough, while Treviso, about 1

hour. Venice Marco Polo airport is fairly small for Airport

category in Europe, but modern and many airlines serving this

airport, including Easy

Flights Venice - Paris takes 1 hour 45 minutes and we arrived

at Paris CDG Airport is super busy. And one again, welcome to

the world without English. In this immense airport, guide the

way we should look for is the pointer location Metro (subway),

so pay attention to directions in this airport.

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